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Howard Pyle's Pirates

Assessing the value of the plunder

Easier times coming home

Taking the ship

Pirates wait to learn the price of their crimes

Sometimes the crew makes demands

Relaxing on deck

Dueling pirates

The results of a duel

Another duel ends badly for a pirate

Pirates dueled a lot


India had pirates, too

Successful capture of a city

Kidd burying his treasure

Escaping on the longboat


Marooned again

Maynard fights Blackbeard to the death

There was a certain amount of piratical bureaucracy

Approaching the target by moonlight

Henry Morgan with a prisoner

Winner take all!

Pirate ghost

Pirates had their own kind of justice

Classic walking-the-plank

Pirates and their plunder

Sitting the shade on a desert island

Pirate Captain steady in rolling seas


The softer gentler side of piracy

Closing on a prize in heavy seas

Ship under attack

Swapping tales at the pub


Burying treasure

Burying more treasure

The victor and the spoils