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Distant Pirate Websites

If you follow one of these links, it'll take you far away to another piratey website. Thanks for visiting, and we hope you'll be back soon!

Er, I mean... Begone you scurvy dog! Who needs you! Arrrr!

Handmade Pirate Costumes

Famous Pirate Flags


Pirates Online--online pirate game (BETA)

Oak Island

Blackbeard's ship discovered!


Jamie's Pirate Jewelry
Jewelry of skull and crossbones, piece o' eight, pirate ships, dead man's chest, anchors as rings, necklaces and earrings. Sterling silver and 14k gold, with rings set in a wide selection of gemstones.

Meet a Pirate--social networking for pirates!

Pirates Homepage

Quest Pirate Treasure Hunts
Information and resources for creating your own pirate treasure hunts!

Pirates of the Spanish Main

That Pirate Game!--check it out!

Rob Ossian's Pirate's Cove--great historical information

The Pirate's Realm