The Renegade Settlement of the Second-Half

This is the Web Site chosen by our small panel of Elven Experts as the Cool Internet Pizza Server Site for Now. Of course, we update this link regularly every once in a while, choosing a new Web Site that we think is somehow cool or interesting.

We sincerely hope that this site is never even remotely as popular as the Cool Site of the Day, as this would bring our web server down.


--The Internet Pizza Server Elves

Today's Timeless Locale of the Hour:

* HigherSource *

Got that urge to join a cult just 'cause you heard on The News that the web was a good place to meet cultist wackos? Well, what can we say? You've come to the right place. As they say, "Click here to put a bag over your head and die!"

Past Magical Places:

The Anonymizer (
The folks at CMU have done it again! Yes, the same people who brought us CU-SeeMe are working hard to protect our privacy here in Cyberspace! *KA-POW*! We're sorry. The Pizza Elf who used the above "cyber"-related term has been shot. We'll continue: you can now surf the web anonymously simply by using this server as something of a proxy. It's dirt simple, fun, and exciting!

HardRadio (
It's a little known fact that we Internet Pizza Server Elves like to rock out. I mean, serious heavy metal stuff. It keeps our ears warm here at the North Pole. So imagine our delight when we, having downloaded a RealAudio player, found that there is a station on the Internet broadcasting metal 24-7 with no commercials at 28.8bps stereo! We raised our elven arms in the air and said "Whoo hoo!" out of sheer joy. It's Metal Up Your Caboose all over again. --Lars Elfrich

The Amazing "Counter-Rotating Rod Serling Head" page (
Ok, guys, are you getting just a little tired of work and you need some time to play? Surveys show that 30% of the people using the Internet Pizza Server page are wasting their employeer's time, and we're trying to place some of the burden on other pages. Go here and save us the trouble of wasting your time.

The Lycos Road Map (
More free stuff on in the Internet! Ever wanted to know where was? Need a map to your own house? This is the kind of stuff we Pizza Server Elves live for!

George Goble (
Now, that's a FIRE! Don't you hate it when your charcoal starter works like crap? Here's the cure, and it's from Indiana.

ITAR Civil Disobedience (
Have you ever wanted to ship munitions out of the country behind the back of Uncle Sam? Here's your chance! Get your registered arms-trafficker number today!

The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S Project (
Whoo hoo! If you haven't seen this page, yet, well, you're probably missing out on something. Eat your vegetables.

The STScI Digitized Sky Survey (
Are you an amateur astronomer but you hate the outdoors? This is the site for you! Get all the thrills and spills of real-life nighttime astronomy from the comfort of your own computer room! For a good time, put "M104" for the object name, Get Coordinates, select GIF as the file format, and click on Retrieve Image. "Flying through hyper-space ain't like dusting crops, boy!"

Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour (
Finally! Your chance to relive a piece of the cold war from the relative safety of your own home! And you don't even have to get slapped with a felony to do it, either. For afters, why not play a game of global thermonuclear war? Chess? Noughts and crosses?

Solar System Live (
Fulfill your desire to see a topdown view of the solar system as it appears at some particular time! See it in stereo, if you're cool. Don't forget to check out Terranova.

PrivNet, Inc. (
See their revolutionary software that will make all net.advertising obsolete overnight! Then read about how to buy their product online.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (
Fighting for our rights online!

24 Hours of Democracy (
What does it mean to people online? Read what they have to say at this site.

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