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26 <tgmath.h> Type-Generic Math Functions

These are type-generic macros that are wrappers around the math functions in <math.h> and <complex.h>. This header includes both of those.

But on the surface, you can think of them as being able to use, say, the sqrt() function with any type without needed to think about if it’s double or long double or even complex.

These are the defined macros—some of them don’t have a counterpart in the real or complex space. Type suffixes are omitted in the table on the Real and Complex columns. None of the generic macros have type suffixes.

Real Function Complex Function Generic Macro
acos cacos acos
asin casin asin
atan catan atan
acosh cacosh acosh
asinh casinh asinh
atanh catanh atanh
cos ccos cos
sin csin sin
tan ctan tan
cosh ccosh cosh
sinh csinh sinh
tanh ctanh tanh
exp cexp exp
log clog log
pow cpow pow
sqrt csqrt sqrt
fabs cabs fabs
atan2 atan2
fdim fdim
cbrt cbrt
floor floor
ceil ceil
fma fma
copysign copysign
fmax fmax
erf erf
fmin fmin
erfc erfc
fmod fmod
exp2 exp2
frexp frexp
expm1 expm1
hypot hypot
ilogb ilogb
ldexp ldexp
lgamma lgamma
llrint llrint
llround llround
log10 log10
log1p log1p
log2 log2
logb logb
lrint lrint
lround lround
nearbyint nearbyint
nextafter nextafter
nexttoward nexttoward
remainder remainder
remquo remquo
rint rint
round round
scalbn scalbn
scalbln scalbln
tgamma tgamma
trunc trunc
carg carg
cimag cimag
conj conj
cproj cproj
creal creal

26.1 Example

Here’s an example where we call the type-generic sqrt() function on a variety of types.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <tgmath.h>

int main(void)
    double x = 12.8;
    long double y = 34.9;
    double complex z = 1 + 2 * I;

    double x_result;
    long double y_result;
    double complex z_result;

    // We call the same sqrt() function--it's type-generic!
    x_result = sqrt(x);
    y_result = sqrt(y);
    z_result = sqrt(z);

    printf("x_result: %f\n", x_result);
    printf("y_result: %Lf\n", y_result);
    printf("z_result: %f + %fi\n", creal(z_result), cimag(z_result));


x_result: 3.577709
y_result: 5.907622
z_result: 1.272020 + 0.786151i

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