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Smokey Joe's Cafe

Front of the building

Smokey Joe's was a vegetarian breakfast/lunch joint in Berkeley, CA (at 1620 Shattuck Ave., to be particular). I put this page up so that it wouldn't be forgotten.

It was awesome. Great food, great local crowd.

I spent the morning of 9/11 in there drinking coffee and listening to the radio with Ned and Charlie.

Ned was the owner. He used to get mad when people would try to order decaf, but was a fantastic guy. We ate there a lot.

Then one sad day—probably around 2005—Ned informed me he was selling the place. "I don't want to die with a spatula in my hand," he said.

He asked if I wanted anything from the place. I took three things:

I've scanned the menu, so here it is if you want to have a look. Relive your old favorites: Primos, Jeff's Usual, and the Holy Mole Frijole Bowl.

I still miss the place to this day. Ned, I hope you're well, wherever you are., 2022