Microsoft "C" fonts for Slackware

Since I put together the Slackware package builder for the classic Microsoft web fonts, I figured I might as well do the same thing for the new Microsoft "C" Fonts for Vista.

I can't distribute the fonts themselves legally, so what we have here is a script that you can run (preferably as root) that will build a Slackware package with the fonts in it. Then you can installpkg the result.

Files to Get

Get cabextract and install it. I have a cabextract package for Slackware 12 here for your convenience, if you so desire.

Get the SlackBuild script and supporting files:

Then go to this Microsoft download site and download the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer, PowerPointViewer.exe. I know, it's a gazillion megabytes and it's lame to download the whole thing just for the fonts, but there we are.

Building and Installing the Package

To build the package, run sh msftcfonts.SlackBuild (again, as root, preferably) and the package will then be found in /tmp/build/msftcfonts-1.0-noarch-1beej.tgz.

Then just installpkg that puppy.

(It is almost certainly illegal for you to distribute the resultant package, so don't do it.)


This whole thing was inspired by a similar tool for RPM packages by .

The cabextract tool for extracting files from the EXEs.

Here's what looks like RPMs of the fonts—I have no idea what the legal status of these is.


Brian "Beej Jorgensen" Hall, .