diffpkg: differences between a package and what's installed

I wrote this guy because I have a pile of homebrewed packages and it's tough to tell quickly which ones are completely out of date (you know, as Slackware upgrades bring newer packages on.)

It's a slight misnomer, because this doesn't actually examine the contents of the packages; rather it looks at version numbers, architectures, etc.


Easy peasy—just give it the names of the packages on the command line, and it'll have a look at what's installed. No output means there are no differences:

$ cd mypackages
$ diffpkg *.tgz
angband-3.0.6: installed version: 3.0.3
cairo-1.2.6: installed version: 1.4.10
cmake-2.4.4: installed version: 2.4.6
dmd-1.0: installed version: 2.0
dosemu: not installed
fvwm-2.5.21: installed version: 2.4.20
glib2-2.12.4: installed version: 2.12.12
gtk+2-2.10.6: installed version: 2.10.13
mesa-i686: installed arch: i486
pango-1.14.8: installed version: 1.16.4
proj-4.5.0: installed version: 4.4.9
rdesktop-1.4.1: installed version: 1.5.0
tcc: not installed
viking-0.1.2: installed version: 0.9
wxgtk: not installed

Download and Install


Then stick it in your PATH someplace. :)

Email me any issues!