No more Legos

We Internet Pizza Server Elves are sorry to say that we can no longer offer Legos on our pizzas due to the fact that Lego Corp. needs to defend their trademark.

This is too bad, we feel, since Legos have always been the unofficial Hackers' Toy since Adam lost a rib, and now they've turned their backs on us. It's too bad for them, though, since we were allowing them a form of free advertising on the Pizza Server, which has always been overflowing with anti-commercial sentiment.

Here's a copy of the form letter, for those of you who are truly bored or curious:

From: JURA_AHM <>
Subject: Misc! - Legos
Sensitivity: Company-Confidential

Dear Homepage Owner,

I am a member of the legal department of the LEGO Group.

I have seen Internet Pizza Server Ordering Area on your web site.

We should like to draw to your attention the fact that the LEGO Group has a wide range of intellectual property rights, including trademark protection worldwide for the LEGO trademark. The LEGO Group has invested considerable amounts of time and resources into creating and developing its intellectual property rights and, as you will appreciate, protecting those rights against any unauthorized use.

I therefore ask that you kindly refrain from using our trademark.

I look forward to receiving your confirmation that you will delete "Legos" from your web site.

Best regards,
The LEGO Foundation

Henriette Bennedsen
Legal Department

--The Internet Pizza Server Elves

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