What are "Beej-Bux"?


A very good question, indeed. Beej-Bux are standard currency for purchasing Internet Pizza Server Pies. The idea is pretty simple--what follows is a sample Currency Exchange Table:


Basically, conversion is pretty simple, no matter where you live.

We should also say that The Internet Pizza Server will take any kind of currency at all for pizzas...we'll do the conversion to Beej-Bux ourselves, free of charge!

Making a payment

Making a Beej-Bux payment is easy and simple. Let's assume, for the sake of example, that the pizza bill is B$20.25. Simply send a piece of mail to beej@beej.us with the following information in it:
And the Beej-Bux transaction is complete.

Problems with Beej-Bux


Well, there are in fact a lot of them. First of all, what can you buy with Beej-Bux? Well, anything! Provided, of course, that the vendor accepts Beej-Bux as currency.

Secondly, how do you get Beej-Bux to start with if no one gives you any? Well, you pre-honor-credit them to your own personal account before you get started. The way we see it, we'd all get around to making gobs of Beej-Bux someday anyway, so why not just start off with as much as you feel you need.

Next, what about inflation? If Beej-Bux are so easy to come by, who's going to accept any amount of them? What's to keep the prices of everything from rocketing through the stratosphere? The solution to the inflation problem is easy: we just ask that vendors that accept Beej-Bux to keep their prices reasonable.

Finally, if there is a 1:1 exchange rate for foreign currency, what's to stop people from taking a few US dollars, converting it to thousands and thousands of Mexican pesos, then converting it to thousands of Beej-Bux? In effect, they convert a few dollars to thousands of Beej-Bux! Well, we feel that the solution to problem number two will keep people from bothering to try this get-rich-quick scheme.


We feel that Beej-Bux represent the best way to pay for items on the Internet. We invite all vendors (except Pizza Hut) to start accepting Beej-Bux for products and services. Lets make the world a better place, where everyone is stinking rich!

March 5, 1997