Moria Spoilers Disclaimer and Copyright

Copyright Mike Marcelais, 1993, 1994. All rights reserved.

This document (hereafter referred to as the "public" version of the Moria Spoiler File, or just "the spoilers") is copyrighted material and is *not* in the public domain. Permission is hereby granted to you (the user) to distribute copies of this document, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The spoilers may be electronically distributed only in unmodified form. Any such distribution must contian the complete document, including the title page, copyright notices, and this section.

  2. The spoilers may be distributed in other than electronic form, (specifically, in the form of a printout) only as a direct dump of the complete file. However, the addition of multiple fonts, line drawings, graphics, margins, column formats, etc is allowed as long as the complete document is provided.

  3. No fee may be charged for the copying or distribution of the spoilers other than compensation which shall match the cost of materials for that distribution (i.e., you cannot charge for the time/labor), not to exceed $5 US. (Examples: If you were to print the spoilers out for a friend and the paper cost you $0.25, you could ask your friend for $0.25 - not a penny more.)

  4. The spoilers may not be distributed free in conjunction with any other product without the written consent of the author. The only exception is that this file may be included in the distribution for any version of Moria for which this document would apply.

This document has been compiled from various sources (including play, usenet E-mail and news groups, long term experience, source code, and general heresay). Information in this file has been verified as well as possible. However, information in this document is not guaranteed to be correct, is subject to change without notice, and does not represent a commitment on the part of the author.