Lava Beds Publications

[Lava Beds Caves cover] "Lava Beds Caves" is an excellent booklet you can purchase from the visitor's center at Lava Beds HQ. It contains maps of many of the open caves, as well as historical and other information about the monument.

If you're in the park, I suggest you purchase this. It only costs a few dollars, and will provide hours of fun reading and tons of valuable information.

[USGS SB-1673 cover] "Selected Caves and Lava-tube Systems in and near Lava Beds National Monument, California (USGS survey bulletin 1673)" is probably the best source of cave information that I have seen. The volume comes with a 100 page booklet that describes many caves and cave formations in great detail (including many of those that aren't open to the public.) Additionally, excellent maps of tons caves are included.

You can view the online version at USGS, but I can't seem to find it in print anymore.

(Many thanks to Mark Gerolimatos for pointing me to this book!)

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