Speed Racer

This game is loosely based on one by the same name for the Commodore 64. Believe me, the C64 version was far more ruthless.

The object of the game is to beat the clock and accumulate a high score. There are two ways to get points:

  1. You can get Angel Points by running over the bad guys, who are dressed in black uniforms, or...

  2. You can get Devil Points by running over the innocent bystanders, who are dressed in a kind of light red.

The actual score is calculated by taking the absolute value of the difference between the Angel Points and Devil Points. In other words, always hit one or the other, but not both. If you run everyone over, your score is sure to stay right around zero.

Also, be sure to dodge the road blocks--if you hit too many of them, the game will end prematurely.

Oh yeah--you want to know how to steer or something? Just aim the mouse at the road; when the pointer is a crosshair, the car will respond to it. Just point in the direction you want to turn and the car will generally obey. Also, the higher up the screen the mouse is, the faster your car will go.

One final note: this applet uses the 1.1 event model. Tell your favorite web browser people to get up off their lazy butts and support it.

Click here for a more detailed writeup.

Wanna see under the hood? Click here for source.