A massive stone tablet embedded in the wall reads:

      ~Congratulations on bringing light
             into the dark-room!~

This is the secret room from which people are magically redirected by elves to various distant and faraway URLs that are mentioned in the Guides. See, many of these URLs are utterly massive and look completely terrible as a footnote in the print version, so these worker elves bundle them up into nice little short redirectors.

Now, normal people don't even find this page since they are quickly redirected out. But since you're sooo curious, I guess I'll just have to manually type out all the links, just for you, since my elves seem to be away at the moment.

Pretend you hear me typing this. clickity click click

Ah, good! The elves are back, and naturally they have arrived just as I have finished doing all the work. I think we've all learned a valuable lesson here which is, "Beej is a very fast typist."

Oh, and never trust an elf.

—Beej, November 12, 3702 AD