12. More IPC Resources

12.1. Books

Here are some books that describe some of the procedures I've discussed in this guide, as well as Unix details in specific:

Unix Network Programming, volumes 1-2 by W. Richard Stevens. Published by Prentice Hall. ISBNs for volumes 1-2: 0131411551, 0130810819.

Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment by W. Richard Stevens. Published by Addison Wesley. ISBN 0201433079.

Bach, Maurice J. The Design of the UNIX Operating System. New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1986. ISBN 0132017997.

12.2. Other online documentation

UNIX Network Programming Volume 2 home page—includes source code from Stevens' superfine book

The Linux Programmer's Guide—in-depth section on IPC

UNIX System Calls and Subroutines using C—contains modest IPC information

The Linux Kernel—how the Linux kernel implements IPC

12.3. Linux man pages

There are Linux manual pages. If you run another flavor of Unix, please look at your own man pages, as these might not work on your system.

accept(), bind(), connect(), dup(), exec(), exit(), fcntl(), fileno(), fork(), ftok(), getpagesize(), ipcrm, ipcs, kill, kill(), listen(), lockf(), lseek() (for the l_whence field in struct flock), mknod, mknod(), mmap(), msgctl(), msgget(), msgsnd(), munmap(), open(), pipe(), ps, raise(), read(), recv(), semctl(), semget(), semop(), send(), shmat(), shmctl(), shmdt(), shmget(), sigaction(), signal(), signals, sigpending(), sigprocmask(), sigsetops, sigsuspend(), socket(), socketpair(), stat(), wait(), waitpid(), write().