Double Decker Pizza

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Hi guys! This is me, Brian "Beej" Hall, trying to track you down. Hopefully when you get around to thinking about work back in freakin' 1988 and wonder where we all are now, you'll find this page first.

People from the old Honey Treat Yogurt in Marysville, feel free to drop me a line, too.

To clarify, I'm talking about the Double Decker Pizza that existed in Marysville and Yuba City, CA from the mid 80s to early 90s. People from other Double Decker Pizzas need not bother me.

My apologies to people I've left off the list below—I remember working with you, I swear it, but I can't remember everyone's name. If the last name is missing, it means I've forgotten it, too. Just write me. Why? Why am I doing this? I'm not quite sure, but it has something to do with developing a connection with my very influential formative teenage years. They sucked, largely, but I don't think I'd trade them in just yet.

Remember the Sprint that we drove into the dirt? Here's a similar one. Don't tell me that doesn't stir memories. Anyway...

Without further ado, here are the ex-employees in no particular order (with the exception of my name being deliberately first.)

The Last 15 Years in the Next 30 Seconds:

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Brian "Beej" Hall
I currently live in Albany, CA, and work at a video game company called Z-AXIS in Hayward. I'm working on a secret game for Playstation2, writing the 3D physics code and other stuff. I was a homeowner for a short time while working at Hewlett-Packard in Roseville, but have given that up for the moment, choosing instead to rent half a house for the modest sum of $1050 per month. I've been dating someone for the last three years and have been divorced twice. I went to school at Chico State and earned a couple degrees in computer science. For recreation, I like outdoor stuff, like hiking, scuba diving, sea kayaking, and so on. I'm 32 years old.

Tim Charlton
He writes, "This would be Tim Charlton, coming to you live from Los Angeles. Face it, I'm still married and I mostly work for the Post Office but I also am trying to get a foot in the door of the entertainment industry, either acting or writing." [Man, I know some of you must have grown up into big time Hollywood movers and shakers--give the man his big break! —Beej]

Sam Hedley
[I'm still in touch with Sam. He's married with children. Har har. To be perfectly honest, he's not quite with children yet, but they're almost done baking. —Beej]

[Last time I saw Geoff he was manning a fireworks stand in Gridley, ca. 1996. —Beej]

[Saw Jake about a year ago at Greg Chance's wedding in Yuba City. He is going to be (or is by now) an English teacher. —Beej]

Greg Coyner
[You used to watch Married With with the other guys—friend of Kyle Nieto's—Tim helped me remember your name. —Beej]

Gina Walls
[The lovely and incomparable Gina Walls got married and joined the Marines, according to ancient hearsay from the even more incomparable Marty Decker. —Beej]

Kyle Nieto
[Married and living in Gridley? I seem to remember that there is at least one Mini-Kid Destructo running around. —Beej]

Mark Spade
[He got all buff working at a lumberyard in Olivehurst around 1989, but that's the last I heard. —Beej]

Eric (Erik?)
[Friend of Mark's, IIRC. Joined the service? Mostly I remember him burning the clutch on the Sprint, singing a dirty version of "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling", and being unable to compose himself after a customer ordered an "Above the Deck" pizza. In fact, I find that even now I can't type that without laughing. —Beej]

Rich Lim
[Always entertaining, I heard from a friend that Rich was working at a picture framing store in Sacramento ca. 2000. —Beej]

[Honey Treat guy, rode a motorcycle. I ran into him at random a number of years ago at a laundrymat in Chico. He was learning to read Old English texts at the time. —Beej]

[Can't remember your name, though you were a Honey Treat employee. Once (that I know of) you and Playgirl feared she was pregnant and you spent the morning pacing nervously near the phone while I labored to fold a seemingly infinite number of pizza boxes. When she finally called and told you she was gripped by horrible menstrual pain, you danced and beamed for joy. —Beej]

[I can't remember your name, either, but I think you worked for Double Decker. You and Playboy had fun together, it seems. —Beej]

Brian "Beej" Hall