Chico Hacks

Yup, here's what the locals are up to when they're procrastinating. Please mail if you have another Chico hack.

The fingerable soda machine
Ok, so everyone on the Internet has one of these things. Now we do, too, thanks to tfsmiles. Unfortunately, the AS wants to take our soda machine away because they feel it eats into their profits. Money grubbers--our soda costs 33% less than theirs, and we have all the good stuff. Try it!

The O'Connell 136 Cam!
Yet another beauty from tfsmiles. I always wondered if this camera was really functional.

The Butte Cam!
Chris Trown has rigged up a video camera looking down at the bike racks in front of Whitney Hall. See all the pot smokers?

The Internet Pizza Server
I don't want to plug my own product too much, but let me just say it's the first of its kind.

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