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This blog's mission: to promote fun and interesting computing and programming ideas! It strives to be intriguing and instructive to both beginners and seasoned veterans by providing a wide breadth of programming-related information.

Target audience: beginner-to-intermediate.

Beej is a programmer and computer enthusiast by trade and training. His general computer interests have made him a Jack of All Trades, Master of... Few, but maybe that's all one can hope to be in the ever-accelerating computer field. He is also interested in pretty much everything else, especially, but not limited to, geology, maps, cartography (he participates in data generation for OpenStreetMap), and GIS, caves and spelunking (He is chair and past newsletter editor for the Diablo Grotto chapter of the NSS, and has received a certificate of merit for volunteer hours worked with the Cave Research Foundation at Lava Beds National Monument), and pirates.

Oh, and teaching.

If you find any error's, typosd, or just good old-fashioned wrongness, please (the author begs you) report them in either the comments section for the page or via email. Given the small number of computing fields in which he is a so-called "expert", there are always going to be people who know more about these topics than he does, and he will definitely make mistakes when pushing into fields that are new to him!  By Excalibur, he swears it!

This blog is run on a collection of Makefiles, goatee, the Facebook comment plugin, and AddThis, with the majority of the writing done in vim.

What's with the goats? The author likes goats for the following incomplete list of reasons:

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Historic Comments

 Derp 2010-12-08 18:09:24

Your guides really helped me understand Network programming, Keep up the great work!

 Rifo 2011-02-02 06:38:54

Hey Beej,

i have been looking around for a solution on an iPhone stuck in a reboot loop and it seems your redsn0w solution is the only one out there that actually works, but the files are no longer to be found. If you like I can give you my login details of my hotfile account so you can upload it there and I could use it but I am so desperate, I am about to delete everything on my iPhone and that is a real nightmare... Please let me know if you can help me...

 Blerg 2011-02-15 17:30:18

I downloaded "Beej's Guide to Network Programming" two years ago and to this day it is the best resource I've ever seen on the subject. A quick and easy read with examples I was able to use instantly to further my understanding. I've been a C guru for many years but sockets, ports and IP/UDP protocols were all a dark art to me before reading your guide. Thank you.

 Beej Nodora 2012-01-10 01:50:29

Hey Beej!

My name is also Beej. I'm in Software Engineering and I get a lot of classmates asking if I wrote your network programming guide ^_^ Quite the coincidence.


 beej 2012-01-10 03:32:45

@Beej Nodora Hilarious! It's the Beej Army!

 sachidananda 2012-02-17 15:45:50

Hi Beej, i feel like burning all the university prescribed books or the ones written by professors. I swear they doesn't know what they are r writing! I m always against the University or skool education.

Your guide came to be a saviour for me man. nyways, I m filled with rage over the cryptography concepts - its seems nobody gives a perfect explaination of those algorithms. Stallings or anyone writes crap man. Got ny ideas or info where to download?

Skool = Toilet

 beej 2012-02-25 00:34:28

@sachidananda Don't come down too hard on University--it just needs some tough love. :-)

My favorite beginner crypto book is "Applied Cryptography" by Bruce Schneier. It's not free, but it's worth the price.


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