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Using Gamepads and Joysticks in JavaScript

Let's get some games written!

Websockets: Writing the Server

Part 3 in the series: writing the server in NodeJS.

Websockets: Writing the Client

Part 2 in the series: writing the client-side JavaScript.

Intro to WebSockets

An overview of WebSockets, with a goal of writing a simple WebSockets-based chat client and server.

Writing a NodeJS webserver

An exploration into building an HTTP server in NodeJS, and a look into what a webserver is, anyway.

Transforming numbers

A little numerical diversion, changing things to other things.

Writing a jQuery plugin to create scrolling regions in HTML

How to make a scrolling pane in HTML/CSS; in particular, how to wrap it all in a jQuery plugin for easy reuse.

HTML canvas scratcher revisited

An exercise in refactoring code from being closely tied to a page to being less closely tied. This is based on the previous scratcher code.

Computing π with Chudnovsky and GMP

Crank out as many digits of π as you desire! Limited only by your imagination! Crank out your own modest π in the browser, too! (Limited by 64-bit IEEE-754.)

Object Pools

Featuring goats!

Image Processing Convolutions

How to use convolution matrices for common image filters.

Drag and Drop

Learn how it's done, and code your own.

JavaScript inheritance with Prototypes
m4 Macros and CSS

Use the unholy m4 macro processor with CSS. Or not.

HTML canvas globalCompositeOperation

Simulate a scratcher or scratch-off in-browser using HTML.

Parallel Programming with OpenMP

Intro that includes a link to my OpenMP-enabled Mandelbrot set generator.

The Mandelbrot Set

Includes cheesy little online explorer app.


Lookahead AI, just like what powers the WOPR

Adobe AIR

Very very short getting-started document.

Image Interlacing
HTML5 Canvas Part II: Pixel Manipulation
HTML5 Canvas Introduction
Function Pointers and Cooperative Multitasking

Just like Grandma used to multitask.

Fuzz Testing

Super-Superrrrr... oh forget it.

Object Oriented Thinking, Part II
Digital Sound

Generate some waveforms!

Pointers in C Part I: Basics

It's really not that bad.

The Observer Pattern

Things happen. Your code observes them. What could be more exciting?

The Monte Carlo Method for Game AI

Beat your computer at Connect-4.

Getting Started with Flash Development

You can do it with free tools on the command line.

Arch vs. Slackware, a friendly comparison
Object Oriented Thinking, Part I
Dijkstra's Shortest Path
Parsing XML Streams with SAX

No need to parse that whole DOM—just handle tags as they show up.

Of Thunderbird and Usenet

For old NNTP froods.


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