Bidwell Park Pictures

Dry Season

Bapper on his bike on North Rim
View from North Rim (overexposed)
View from South Rim looking upstream
Rebecca and Sydney at Bear Hole
Water leaving Bear Hole in the spring

Wet Season

Big Chico Creek dam at 5-mile
The end of the footbridge at 5-mile
View of the footbridge
High water mark, looking south
The torrent down Lindo Channel
North across the creek at 5-mile
The northern picnic area at 5-mile
Standing waves at 5-mile
Bapper near a waterfall on Upper Trail
Small streams joining Big Chico Creek at Bear Hole
A pine tree that was swept to Bear Hole
Seasonal creek running into a small cupola
Inside the small cupola
Bear Hole, looking up the walkway toward the dam
Seasonal creek near the powerlines
A small seasonal creek on Upper Trail
Seasonal creek near the shooting range
Upper Trail, near the shooting range