Network Programming Pages

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BSD Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer
A brief description of how to get a jump on Unix sockets programming.

Ethernet: Access to 10 and 100-Mbps Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 Information
Down and dirty Ethernet information--you'll love it.

Intro to TCP/IP
A low-level description of TCP/IP. It's a gopher site, but it's still okay.

The Network Management Page
Everything you want to know about networking from Ethernet to TCP/IP to SNMP, etc., etc.

Beej's Guide to Network Programming
This is a terrific document about socket programming under Unix, if I do say so myself... ;-)

Client Server Computing - Unix Sockets and RPC
A good in-depth tutorial on using sockets and System V RPC.

RFC-768 -- The User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
The official dirt on UDP--use with caution.

RFC-791 -- The Internet Protocol (IP)
The official dirt on IP

RFC-793 -- The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
The official dirt on TCP

Setting up PPP under Linux here at Chico

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